Fraternity & Sorority Life


A community is comprised of many different components and ours is no different.  We made up of about 1700 members belonging to approximately 29 chapters, with four governing councils (and executive boards), an honor organization, and staff. 

Through philanthropy, fundraising, and hands-on service, the W&M Fraternity & Sorority community serves others. Each chapter represented at W&M participates in a national cause and then frequently support local agencies, too.  Fun events take place all throughout the year - all in the name of a good cause.

The fraternity and sorority community at W&M have been partnering with the Arc of Greater Williamsburg  since 1999.  Our big event, the Annual Arc Carnival, takes place in the spring semester - but fraternity and sorority members also come together each month to host a monthly Arc program or event.  

1,742 People | 328 Impacts | 603 Hours

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