W&M - Community Partnerships


At W&M, community engagement is collective action that occurs through partnerships between campus and community members. It is sustained, purposeful, and advances community-driven positive change. Community engagement develops active and educated campus and community members, and enriches excellence in scholarship, teaching, and learning.

Community partnerships involve sharing resources and knowledge so that all parties are changed in their work toward a more just and sustainable community. Partnerships have varying depths and time frames. Successful partnerships are characterized by closeness, equity, and integrity (Bringle, Clayton, & Price, 2009).

Through research, community-engaged learning, volunteering, and outreach, W&M partners with community members for collective action to support community-driven positive change. 

Listed below are many existing partnerships as well as requests for collaboration from both campus and community stakeholders. To learn more or get involved, message the primary contact for any project.

How to Submit Your Partnership

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